Pre-litigation Report

Pre-litigation Report

Before incurring expensive legal fees, obtaining a Pre-Litigation report will help give guidance as to whether it is worth initiating legal proceedings and avoid throwing good money after bad!

The service includes: 

  • Advanced address trace - current confirmation
  • Date of birth confirmation
  • Supplies the last 10 years addresses for the subject
  • Tracks recent subject address movement
  • Confirms financial status
  • Detailed financial background information
  • Current & past directorships
  • Employment information
  • Property ownership
  • Holidays homes
  • Estimated property value
  • Disqualified directors searches
  • Insolvency register searches
  • Suspected alias used
  • Social media searches
  • Social post searches
  • Mobile and Landline Telephone numbers
  • CCJ search
  • Company financials
  • Terrorist and all International Sanction lists included

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